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So you have downloaded and installed FSrealWX and you want to get started. After opening the program you are presented with the following screen.

Menu Items

In the upper menu we have


-Download WX After getting your flight simulator up and running start FSrealWX. Click “Download WX”, this will get your weather in FSrealWX started. The program will automatically start downloading your weather in the region that your flight simulator is loaded.

-Download History WX As you click this item a pop up window will want you to select the data you want to load. A sample of the window can be seen here below.

-Load WX from file If you wish to load a previously save weather file. This option will bring up a window to load and find the location of the weather file. Navigate to your file and load it.

-Save WX Ah had a great flight and want to save that weather, use this feature, it will bring up a window to save your weather for future use. Fill out a title, description and a location.

  • Exit


* Weather
      This view toggle has no function, weather tab is always active
* Flight planner
      Toggles "Flight planner" tab on and off     
* Load Editor
      Toggles "Load Editor" tab on and off
* Flight Recorder
      Toggles "Flight Recorder" tab on and off
* Debug
      Toggles "Debug" tab on and off
* Flight Data
      Toggles "Flight Data" tab on and off


  • Clear WX

Clears all weather in flight simulator.

  • WX Finder

Activates a popup window to use for the purpose of search specific weather.


  • About

Information about FSrealWX and related links.

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