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FSrealWX - Recorder Settings

The FSrealW-Recorder records the whole flight if you want to. All flight data will be stored in FSrealWX-file and on FSrealWX-server after landing. It depends on your settings. All flights can be considered at google-maps again. You need to change settings to get this process working.

First, you have to enter all required data to FSrealWX-recorder.

Callsign: enter any Callsign, e.g. LH240

Name: your name; this data are not required

User-ID: see “”, “your profile” (see image 2)

Recorder Hash: your personal key to avoid unauthorized access. find your personal key at “”, see “your profile” (see image 2).

1. Setting FSrealWX-recorder

2. FSrealWX User-profile /

Export to FSrealWX homepage: if activated, your flight will be sent to FSrealWX-server and could be seen later.

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