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FSrealWX - General Options


Choose the unit of measurement for in- and output of data. It is important for using the flight planner and the load editor.

Start up

Download-WX: The weather is loaded automatically after starting. Clear-WX: The weather is deleted after starting FSrealWX and connecting with FS.


Export Metar File: A file is created with all available aviation routine weather reports. First box fill in destination, second box fill in file name.

User buttons

User buttons are additional buttons to click to start a programme, to open up a file or a folder. These buttons have no impact on FS or FSrealWX.

  1. Choose command to open a programme, a folder or a file
  2. Choose directory or file (button…)
  3. Choose an icon (optional)
  4. Click to active (checkbox enable)

After creating, editing or deleting a button you have to start FSrealWX again.

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