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Option - Interface


Interface to the FS. Without it you cannot transfer data to the FS. There are four interfaces available, FSUIPC and Simconnect can be used commonly indeed. FS2002/FS2004 can be used only with FSUIPC.

  • FSUIPC: can be used for all Microsoft Flight simulators. You only need it for the FS2002/FS2004, FS2002 and FS2004 have no simconnect interfaces. FSUIPC…. has to be installed in the FS. Unregistered version is sufficient.
  • SimConnect: available only for FSX and P3D. Qualification for the FSX is the FSX Service Pack 2. FSrealWX uses simconnect-version…. It is recommended to use the “FSUIPC & Simconnect”-interface, so you receive the best functionality.
  • FSUIPC & SimConnect: available only for FSX/P3D. With this range both interfaces to FSX/P3D are used. So the best functionality of FSrealWX for wind and weather data is ensured.
  • Client / Server: XPrealWX for Xplane or FSrealWX server is required for MSFS. FSrealWX runs on a remote computer with this interface. You can choose “FSUIPC & SimConnect” if you are at work with FSX/P3D, FSUIPC.
  • Show message in FS: If activated, information (e.g. Metar) are given out in FS.
  • Server IP: only needed with “Client / Server”. You need to register your computer ID which you are working with. You can register with …. if both programmes (FSrealWX and flight simulator) are running on the same computer.
  • Server port: only needed with “Client / Server”. Same like “Server IP”, but you need to register with the port. FSrealWX cannot connect if the data does not concur.
  • Speed of sending the weather stations: This preference directs performance to flight simulator. Brakes are performed while the weather updates. You can increase the item if it is sticking. When the weather updates take too long, you can decrease the item. It is recommended to use items between 50 and 100 milli seconds.


paths are connected for the flight simulator. They are important for exporting and performing data from the FS9/FSX-tool.


This tool must not be performed but it is improving the display of weather in the FS9 / FSX / P3D. You need to save data “wxmapping.bin, wxstationlist.bin und icao pos.bin” (…\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Weather\) if you are starting this tool. FSrealWX saves data in the folder “backup”, too. The tool only needs to be started once. Click “check FS-weather stations” and all available weather data in the FS is checked. Then click “add WX-stations into FS” and required weather stations are adjusted in FS9 / FSX / P3D. So more weather stations are available.

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