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Weather Settings

Here the settings fort he flight simulator (FS2004/FSX/P3d/XPlane) and FSrealWX are made. It is recommended after modifying to delete the weather from the FS and to reset. You can use the buttons from the toolbar of FSrealWX (Clear-WX und Set all WX).


VATSIM, IVAO or NOAA: these three options give you the source of weather data.

  1. VATSIM: VATSIM is a network for online aviation. Choose this option if you fly with the network VATSIM. In this case every VATSIM user gets the same weather.
  2. IVAO: IVAO is also a network for online aviation.
  3. NOAA: With NOAA you get weather data from the worldwide weather databank. This option is useful for offline aviation.

You can choose also all options for offline aviation and feed weather data into the simulator.

Weather Update Interval

Use the slider to justify download- and update-times of the weather data. In this example, weather data from the weather server is loaded and sent to the FS every 15 minutes.

  • No weather update in Approach: Choose this option if you don´t want a weather update while you are starting or landing. Weather updates near to an airport can cause a stuttering (a lack of FPS) of the FS. Maybe the FS is busy with large airports.
  • 5000ft:up to this height, here there are no more weather updates. From this height, FSrealWX works on. If you are flying in lower heights you can reduce this item, e.g. 1000 ft.
  • XPlane - Distance: Diese Einstellung muss nur vorgenommen werden, wenn sie XPlane als Flugsimulator benutzen. Bei XPlane wird dann nach dieser zurückgelegten Entfernung das Wetter aktualisiert. In diesem Beispiel all 20 nautische Meilen.
  • XPlane - Time: the same like XPlane-Distance, only after a given time.


  • Slight gusty surface winds: You generate gusty winds at the ground and while landing. Beginners should deactivate this option to simplify the landing.
  • Turbulence in/below cumulus clouds: In reality cumulus clouds often cause heavy turbulences. Activate this option to create these turbulences in the FS, too.
  • Direct Wind Control (DWC): DWC-mode in FSrealWX calculates the wind constantly and sends data to the FS. Sometimes, wind changes immediately and this mode tries to plane them. Without this function the aircraft could get out of control (only with FS9,FSX, P3d and installed FSUIPC-module).
  • Degrees per second: limits the rate of change of the wind direction per second (only when DWC is active)
  • Knots per second: limits the rate of change of the wind speed per second (only when DWC is active)

FS Clouds and Visibitlity

  • Generate Cirrus: Es werden Cirrus Clouds are created haphazardly, even if they are not reported
  • Mixed Clouds: In reality, there is more than one kind of cloud in a layer. The FS tries to create this, too.
  • Icing in Clouds: activates the icing of airplanes in the clouds
  • Add Stratus in Cloud layer if vis < 5000m: It is complicated to create fog realistic in the FS. FSrealWX tries to fit a stratus layer on top of the fog layer.
  • max. Cloud layers: maximum layers of clouds. If you have some performance problems, decrease “max. cloud layer” and you can increase the performance of the FS.
  • Generating Clouds if CAVOK/SKC: CAVOK doesn´t mean cloudless always. In METAR are no clouds reported, but you can display some clouds. It is recommended to use 1/8 clouds.
  • min. Visibility (VFR): the minimal visibility range in the FS is limited to this value
  • Visibility limit: (200km = unlimited): the maximum visibility range in the FS is limited to this value. It is recommended to use 200 km for unlimited.
  • Visibility when metar reported 9999 or 10SM: Only visibility range under 10 km is reported in the FS. If there are no more weather data available, then the given value is used for the visibility range.
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