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 {{:​fsrealwx:​aircrafteditor_loadfromfs.png|}} {{:​fsrealwx:​aircrafteditor_loadfromfs.png|}}
-2.Modify all necessary data.+2.Modify all necessary data and click "​Save"​. 
 +  The data will be saved under AircraftConfigs with the filename from the aircraft name (e.g. Piper_PA31T1_Cheyenne_I_D-IBIW.cfg)
 {{:​fsrealwx:​aircrafteditor_afteredit.png|}} {{:​fsrealwx:​aircrafteditor_afteredit.png|}}
 +3. Restart FSrealWX and select the Load-Editor. You can change the Aircraft Fuel and Weights.
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